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Pullet with styrofoamThe other day I happened to read a post on someone’s blog where the poster indicated that feeding Styrofoam to chickens will result in hens laying more eggs.  Say what???

I just HAD to research this crazy tidbit and found a number of posts on chicken community boards and groups that there were a good number of people out there swearing this was so.  I was incredulous to say the least.  Now yes…chickens do appear to love the stuff, but that doesn’t mean it actually will cause them to lay more eggs; nor does it mean that ingesting Styrofoam is in any shape of the imagination good for them.

One poster indicated with authority that Styrofoam passes right through a chicken's digestive tract, but is reduced so much in size by the gizzard that no Styrofoam material is noted in...

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I had an older gentleman call me the other day asking about eggs.  The conversation went something like this…

 “Hi.  Do you have eggs for sale?”

 “Why yes I do.”

 "How much do you get for a dozen?”

 “The large eggs are $2.50 a dozen.  The medium eggs are $2.00 a dozen.”

 “Oh, OK…Thank you.”

 “You’re welcome.”


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Speaking Took...Hey!  What's Up?When observing chickens as they go about their daily activities one might assume the gentle noises they make are simply mindless utterances that simply go along with being a chicken.
Oh contraire…

Back in 2006, Australian scientists – Chris and Linda Evans, undertook a study that seems to indicate that chickens do indeed possess a form of language, identified by the scientists as “Took”.  As a result of the Evans’ study, over 20 different calls or sounds were identified that indicate very specific bits of information.

A hen or rooster will make the sound – “tuk, tuk, tuk” to announce to others in the flock that...

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