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Fowler's Farm Fresh Eggs
Fowler's Farm Fresh Eggs
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Like so many folks, you are probably interested in the quality of the food you eat. Yes, farm fresh eggs cost more than the commercially produced eggs you buy in your local grocery store, but you will find that side by side, eggs purchased directly from local farmers/producers will win in taste any day over eggs from the grocery store.

It is also true that local farm fresh eggs are extremely nutritious and contain significantly higher ratios of Vitamins A and E, Omega 3, and beta carotene than commercially produced eggs. They are also lower in cholesterol and saturated fat, making them an excellent choice for anyone concerned about their health.

Fowler's Farm Fresh is a small, independent producer. We love our "girls" and plan to stay small in order to give each of our layers individual attention. Because of this, eggs are available on a "first-come-first-served" basis and certain times of the year (late fall and winter), our supply will be less as some of the gals take a break from production. Our eggs are definitely worth the wait, so please feel free to contact us if you are interested in being added to our exclusive customer list.

Again, thanks for stopping by. We look forward to hearing from you! (Be sure to Check Out Our Blog.)

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